Our first week back was busy

Tuesday, July 23, we arrived back to a welcome home party on Wednesday with a Dutch team. Apartment building painting on Thursday with an Iranian work team. On Friday, we did a mission excursion with three vehicles to a remote camp one hour from Thessaloniki. See pictures…. Impromptu meeting with Iranians in a park and with Kurdish believers in a hotel. One pregnant Iranian believer asked for prayer and a stroller for their first children. They sent me a picture today of their new baby … see below. On Saturday we got a quick swim and worked on the summer home for coming guests. On Sunday, we had a wonderful celebration with many participants and one refugee from Morocco professing faith in JC. In the evening Mia Tribe was very successful for cause based products at Sani Resort. On Monday we got to have a team meeting and some great visits. Today was doing more catch up. It is so good to back in the action. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging support. We are still trying to keep up with all that God is doing during the worldwide immigration opportunity.

Pastor Esther shares a story
Singing and sharing each other’s story
Precious life added to Iranian Christian couple

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