More arrivals yet workers are few.

Reuters states that “About 7,000 people landed on Greece’s shores last month, the highest number since” ….. March 2016. Eurorelief on Lesvos reported that on Aug 29 over 16 boats arrived with 650 asylum seekers that they helped get settled working all night. This week in Thessaloniki our Iranian assistant and translator who works for DRC NGO helped settle over 12 buses of 600 refugees who were transferred from the islands to Nea Kavala camp…. also working all night. The global problem is not going away. What would the Lord of the harvest long for his servants to do and respond to this unexplainable crisis opportunity??? Watch this video…..

Summer ministry team made a great video

Next week on Sept 12, Thursday begins a special camp for Arabic speaking Christians. We expect about 40 or 50 refugees from surrounding region of Thessaloniki. Pray that these two days of ministry with Pastor John Constantine, himself an immigrant who fled the war in Lebanon in 80’s, will grip their hearts and cause them to also want serve the Lord to reach their own nations.

Help support this camp with a donation to the Greece Development Fund. THANKS

By the way I managed to cycle 165 km of 230 event. Amazing route.

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